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Carrie Brownstein on Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!

By Aaron Scott April 2, 2012

The country’s love of Portlandia (or at least the media’s) shows no sign of slowing. This weekend, Carrie Brownstein made a star radio turn on the NPR quiz show Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! for the segment they call “Not My Job,” in which they ask famous folks to answer questions about a completely different topic (one of the best was Bill Clinton getting quizzed about the My Little Pony show). Brownstein’s topic? Singapore, a city they described as Portland’s diametrically opposite. (Perhaps a stretch; after all, they’re both very clean, and I’d guess there are some here who might see a bag ban as the first step to caning for littering).

But first, host Peter Seigel confessed to being a huge fan, Brownstein joked that their original pitch to IFC was a show that makes fun of NPR listeners, and this back and forth instigated by Peter admitting his favorite bit is the couple where Carrie plays the man that about sums up facial hair and “put a beard on it.”

Brownstein: As a woman, when you put a mustache on, you find out a lot of things about yourself…there’s just a certain swagger. Now I know why men grow out the facial hair. There’s a certain level of confidence, but also just a certain level of sleaziness.

Maz Jobrani: Thank you. This is Maz, I’m the only guy with facial hair. So I appreciate that.

Jobrani: Goatee, the whole thing.

Brownstein: Oh, you have a goatee as well? I’m glad this is radio.

You can listen to the segment here.

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