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It’s Official: Joe Haege = the Creepiest Guy in Town

By Aaron Scott April 24, 2012

Haege sniffing a wrestling onesie in the fantastically absurd Menomena video for Taos

In a message about Adam Arnold’s amazing costumes for OBT, Shop Talk chanteuse Eden Dawn innocuously sent me a link to a video starring members of Tu Fawning and 31 Knots, saying only that “It’s a little strange, but so are we.” It’s more than a little strange: it’s the creepiest thing I’ve seen in a long time. I’m never going to be able to shop at Cherry Sprout market again. Ever. It’s basically the Portland version of The Cable Guy, with Joe Haege as your local corner grocer Jim Carrey.

Of course, anyone who’s seen him perform or in a whole slew of music videos knows that Haege has a flair for the dramatic. And if you saw him in, say, the feature How the Fire Fell, where he played a polygamist cult leader, you know he can be creepy, or, as in the case of Menomena’s ‘Taos’ music video, slimy creepy. But this is a new level. It’s also kind of hilarious, so if you like the sensation of shivers running up your spine, and you don’t mind souring your future Cherry Sprout shopping experiences, by all means have a look.

Haege’s band Tu Fawning has a new album, A Monument, coming out in May and recently premiered a video for the song “Anchor." In it, the band members trek through a stormy Oregon coastal setting in neo-tribal outfits as an homage to ritual and the “otherwordly.” I wish I could say it was a palette cleanser—it’s certainly a beautifully shot video for a catchy wintry pop song (watch for our review of the album in the May issue)—but Haege is once again creepy. This time in an Arabian Nights dystopian disco getup. In a cave. And what the hell is that foam stuff?

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