Leigh Marble’s New Video

By Anne Adams April 25, 2012

If you look at anything for long enough, it becomes fascinating—one might even say “trippy.” In case you doubt this truth, Leigh Marble’s latest video will demonstrate:

Leigh Marble’s latest video

Focusing on a pair of feet stepping in time to the beat for nearly its entire 4.5-minute span, this video is still somehow engaging, transforming a mundane sight into a stark black-and-white abstract texture field that constantly morphs and moves. Less a music video than a customized music visualizer, this sequence echoes the song’s relentless straightforward simplicity. And while sneaker-and-chainlink tableaus are an old standard of Seattle “grunge” aesthetic, now that the twee “bird on it” memes of Portland are blowing up to the brink of demolition, perhaps it’s time to revisit the mud-moshing no-frills northwest bad attitude of Cobain days.

Out yesterday on local label In Music We Trust, Marble’s album Where The Knives Meet Between The Rows can be purchased here.

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