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Short Wildwood Film: Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis

By Aaron Scott April 9, 2012

Sheepscot Creative put together a whimsically beautiful trailer of sorts for the children’s book Wildwood, by Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis, Decemberists frontman/husband and illustrator/wife, respectively, that includes the Pittock Mansion, Avalon Theatre, the real ghost bridge, the Forbidden Woods/Forest Park, and Meloy and Ellis being offered squirrel brain stew.

Sheepscot’s calling it an Extra Credit Project, which is to say it was an unpaid labor of love. This from the director, Dave Weich:

“The script is a mash-up of lines and phrases from the book (including a couple from the opening paragraph, yes), plus original transitions that we added to make it flow. Colin and Carson’s lines weren’t scripted; those bits were excerpted from an interview we conducted that ran for more than three hours…We had a lot of fun. I hope that comes across in the video.”

If you want to learn more:

Sheepscot Creative’s website with more description about how and why they did it.

The making-of-the-video photo album.

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