Japanther’s Punk-Rock Puppet Show

By Anne Adams June 6, 2012

The last time that post-punk provocateurs Japanther and Night Shade Puppet Theater squared off in Portland, the event was virtually trampled to death by its own popularity. On TBA 2010 ‘s opening night, an eager all-ages crowd teemed into Washington High School, flooding up the wide stairwell like salmon on a fish-ladder, filling all the seats and obscuring enough of the fire exits that security had to leave the lights on (which, as you can imagine, compromised the intended effect of Night Shade’s carefully constructed shadow-puppet show).

Wisely booking three nights rather than one this time to avoid the potential stampede, contemporary gallery Disjecta will re-stage the collaboration—now titled Japanther v. Nightshade: The Revenge—this weekend, June 7–9. Watch a preview of the noisy, shadowy spectacle that drives the kids (and the Village Voice) wild—or read PoMo’s prior coverage , complete with an inventory of Night Shade’s far-flung imagery, from morphing man-panthers to ice cream cones.

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