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Portlandia Mayor Supports Arts Education in Portland

By Aaron Scott June 22, 2012

“In Portlandia, every child is given an electric guitar,” says Kyle MacLachlan, the actor who plays our fictional mayor. “But in Portland, music is taught at only 58 percent of the public schools, and visual arts instruction is only taught at 18 percent of elementary schools.” And so in a video for the Creative Advocacy Network (CAN), he asks us to bring arts back to Portland Public Schools.

We’re in full support. We also want to know why his airplane looks like a nightclub, because, um, that’s how we want to fly from now on.

Editor’s update: On Wednesday, June 27, City Council voted to refer CAN’s Arts Education and Access Fund to the November ballot. Now it’s up to you, dear voter, whether you’re willing to pay a $35 dollar income tax which will generate some $12 million for arts education and funding.

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