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tEEth Debuts Make/Believe As Part of Fertile Ground

At Lincoln Hall this Thursday through Saturday, Jan 26–28 at 8pm.

By Anne Adams July 24, 2012

tEEth dancers seem to have no problems getting heard. Photo by Aaron Rogosin

In 2010, longstanding local contemporary dance/performance art company tEEth launched Home Made, a minimalist, mostly-nude pas de deux about monogamy accompanied by a hypnotic vocal soundscape. It proved to be critics’ catnip, scoring a slew of rave reviews from local critics and garnering a $10,000 prize from Seattle’s premier arts promoters On The Boards.

Hoping to build on last season’s buzz and critical acclaim, tEEth is staging a quartet with Home Made’s Noel Plemmons and three dancers hand-selected from a national search as part of the Fertile Ground Festival. Presented by White Bird, the piece is called Make/Believe, and if the photos and video foretell anything, it’s going to wrap your brain up in knots.

“This piece will be more percussive, less melodic,” reveals artistic director Angelle Hebert. “The dancers will use mics and cabling as props to deconstruct the formalities of communication and social interaction.” Meanwhile, minimalist elements will heighten the audience’s somatic perception: sparse, sustained musical notes, warm lighting, sporadic outbursts of vocalization, and choreography that reveals and lingers on oft-overlooked body parts.

Make / Believe from tEEth on Vimeo.

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