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Uncapped Concert Captivates

Best Coast and Kendrick Lamar perform for lucky fans

By Monica Down & Hannah Doyle July 13, 2012 Published in the July 2012 issue of Portland Monthly

It was a darn cool houseparty, dubbed the "Uncapped Concert" courtesy of corporate sponsors Vitamin Water and Fader magazine. The show featured up-close-and-personal performances from rising stars Best Coast and Kendrick Lamar and it all happened last week on July 11—and you probably didn’t even know! It’s a good thing we’re here to recap all the under-the-radar action.

While the conscientious concert staff kept a crowd of 200 hydrated with free Heineken, Vitamin Water, and Smart Water, Best Coast gamely opened the show with singer Bethany Cosentino conducting a guided tour of sunny summer days at the beach, followed by Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar, who finished us off with nonstop rhymes and brain-thumping bass grooves. Complete with a photo booth (ah, memories!) and held in deep NE’s Lumberyard (an indoor BMX bike park) The Uncapped Concert was as incognito as it was crashingly hip. And we’ve got a web-exclusive slide show to commemorate the flow of the show.

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