Bob Mould Video Filmed in PDX

Former Hüsker Dü singer's new video is filmed in Portland and features several prominent PDXtras.

By Aaron Scott August 23, 2012

Pitchfork just premiered the new Bob Mould video for the song "The Descent" off of his new solo effort Silver Age. The film was directed by local photo/film maven Alicia J Rose, and stars an elevator full (literally!) of PDX notables, including Dave Allen of Gang of Four and North, Jody Kurilla (she and Dave are both in Mould's autobiography as people he knew in the EARLY days), Mike Jones of A to Z Media (formerly CD Forge), writer Shawna Gore, painter Bwana Spoons, OPB's Dave Cusick, the album's engineer Beau Sorenson, and more.

It's the story of a miserable looking corporate cog seemingly expelled from his downtown cement world who then ends up a survivalist in the woods. Most Portlanders will recognize the Union Bank Tower downtown, not to mention many of the cityscapes he travels through, but only a lucky few will recognize the magical stretch of the Sandy River known as Bundlandia that he finally calls home.

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