Corin Tucker Band Releases New Video and Album

The video for the Portland rock quartet's song "Neskowin" is a loving tribute to '80s teen movies. The new album Kill My Blues is out now.

By Jonathan Frochtzwajg September 19, 2012

Photo by John Clark

As far as we’re concerned, the teen-movie genre hit its peak in the ‘80s. C'mon–American Pie? It doesn’t hold a candle to Sixteen Candles as far as illuminating the lived experience of American puberty. We’re delighted, then, to see the just-released music video from local rock quartet the Corin Tucker Band pay homage to films in the vein of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

The video's song, “Neskowin”—off the band’s just-out-yesterday sophomore album, Kill My Blues—is in part about a real trip to the title town that frontwoman Tucker (of seminal riot-grrrl group Sleater-Kinney) took with her best friend as a teenager. Portland director Alicia J. Rose puts the song’s “not a girl, not yet a woman” theme through a John Hughes filter for what she calls a “love letter to the ‘80s,” telling a well-shot, very sweet story about a pair of teenage girls who escape parental supervision for a night to rock out with old-school punks X-Ray Spex. 

In a case of art imitating life, Tucker, an actual mom by day, rock star by night, plays the protagonist’s mom as well as X-Ray Spex singer Poly Styrene, and cameos her real-life daughter as the protagonist's younger sister (Tucker's son is in it, too). Also, keep your eyes peeled for a cameo by And And And drummer Bim Ditson and his mohawk-about-town. 

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