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New Music Video: Menomena’s “Plumage”

Assault rifles, smoking jackets, Evel Knievel suits, snifters, and rocket launchers. An outrageous musical one-upmanship that’s the best thing we’ve seen all week.

By Aaron Scott October 3, 2012

The ongoing slew of positive reviews flowing in for Moms seems to have finally put to rest any doubt that Menomena  would survive as a duo (and hopefully put to rest the endless questioning). But if a small smidgeon of doubt remained, this outrageously absurd video for "Plumage" destroys it with the devestation of a rocket launcher. And a plethora of other guns and a keg and a grass–covered camo suit and some skis and a snifter of whiskey and a seemingly endless barrage of clever props. (We actually find it a little frightening that indie bands can get their hands on rocket launchers.)

For one thing, the video seems an apt metaphor for the creative process between band members Danny Seim (star) and Justin Harris (even more star), each meeting the other’s musical hat-in-the-ring with a drum beat or bass line even more aggressive and majestic. But on a much simpler level, it’s a fantastic video play between two men who have worked together since they were boys, playing a musical game of make-believe that we’ve all had the joy to get lost in.

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