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The New York Times Discovers "East" Portland!

The newspaper of record puts East Portland on the map. Again.

By Aaron Scott October 22, 2012

Credit: Leah Nash for The New York Times

This just in: East Portland! It's a place! It's a cool place! It's a place that New York Times readers should know about. Have you heard of it?!

The Grey Lady's love affair with Portland is old news. But now it's discovered something new and majestic and uncharted: "The east bank of the Willamette River in Portland, Ore., shows up on few tourist maps because, until recently, not many tourists went there." Assuming that claim is true (and it strikes me as dubious fact checking), it means the Times is giving itself very little credit, being it has written about East Portland for years now. How quickly it seems to have forgotten write ups of Coava, Biwa, Nationale, Sword and Fern, and Cascade Brewery, not to mention multiple mentions of Le Pigeon, in this "former no man’s land" with its "honest-to-goodness grittiness."

To say nothing of the fact that what the Times is rediscovering is hardly East Portland—it's the Industrial Southeast or Central Eastside, depending on who you're talking to. Their new favorite spots don't pass 12th Avenue (currently, for the paper of record, Portland ends at the Woodsman Tavern on 45th). It will be a fine day when its writers venture past 82nd.

Not that we're complaining. We love Lardo and Macchus and New Deal. To say nothing of the fact that it's our business model to discover and rediscover Portland every month. But we do find it more than a little amusing... Just don't tell the Times about Northeast Portland, or, God forbid, North Portland. We like them as our little "secret." (What's that? The Times has already discovered Mississippi Avenue? At least we'll always have Eastmoreland...).

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