Power Ranking: Portland Jokes

As Portlandia starts its third season this month, what’s fresh, and what’s going stale?

December 18, 2012


1. PORK We’ve reached the tail. TRENDING ↓





2. KALE But the greens every locavore loves (or pretends to) are ripe. TRENDING ↑





3. COLUMBIA RIVER CROSSING Not tall enough? The “consulting” budget? Wait till they start building the thing.  TRENDING ↑




4. BEARDS At this point, they’re just another form of moss. TRENDING 





5. FIXED-GEAR BIKES, BRUNCH LINES, and PLAID These were never funny. TRENDING 



 6. VANSTERDAM  Legal weed and gay marriage should make for hijinks up north. TRENDING 





7. PORTLANDIA Before you claim something—anything—is funny because it was “straight out of Portlandia,” think twice. TRENDING





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