Download the Portlandia Winter Special for Free

Portlandia chases away the gray with its “non-denominational, optionally religious winter holiday celebration timed around the solstice." Plus, SNL’s Bobby Moynihan.

By Aaron Scott December 20, 2012

Portlandia’s not very good at taking time off. Instead of curling up with a crafty project or vacationing in Bali before the premiere of Season 3 on January 4, they keep throwing out juicy morsels. First, Carrie and Fred were on The Simpsons (with the Decemberists). And now, a special “nondenominational, optionally religious winter holiday celebration timed around the solstice” they’re calling “Winter in Portlandia.” Just don’t call it the Christmas special.

If you missed it on IFC, you can still download it free on iTunes. Watch for Gabriel Rucker and Le Pigeon, SNL’s Bobby Moynihan as Candace’s scarred son, and the imaginary Mississippi Avenue foodcart Stu's Stews that harrassed me on the way to work two days in a row. For a full lineup of the special guests on Season 3—including Chloe Sevigny, George Wendt (Norm!), and Roseanne—see our earlier post.

Also new, comedian Kumail Nanjiani is doing a special webseries Kumail Visits Portlandia. His first visit takes him, where else, the real feminist bookstore. 

The following video might not be safe for your workplace. Read the title first.

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