Gotham A-Go-Go

Fans of the original Batman TV series are going to a go-go on Saturday night.

By John Chandler January 11, 2013


What's this? An entire evening of music and retro dancing devoted to Batman—with nary a mention of Christian Bale, Christopher Nolan, Tim Burton, or anything else from the last 45 years? Holy kitsch fest! And it's happening Saturday night!

As we all know, the television debut of the Caped Crusader and Robin the Boy Wonder took place on January 12, 1966. In honor of that momentous occasion, bat-fans and notorious Portland rock 'n' rollers Danny Dodge and Matt Stanger have enlisted the talents of Shut Up and Dance record-spinner DJ Gregarious, go-go dancer Cecilia Tabou, and novelty band Batarang, for a raucous wingding at the newly christened White Owl Social Club (formerly Plan B). But seriously, why?

"Sixties Batman just fits in so well with all the weirdo cultural stuff we love," Dodge explains. For his part, Stanger got inspired after stumbling across a Batman-themed compilation album at a comic book convention. "It's music by bands from all over the world," Stanger says, "all playing songs about Batman. And it came out during the time when the TV show aired (1966-68)." Some of those songs may end up as part of the repertoire of Batarang, a group that features members of Guantanamo Baywatch, the No Tomorrow Boys, and Lordy Lords. Stanger encourages attendees to dress Batman appropriate, as one lucky costumed guest could win a valuable prize.

"It's a date with Batarang," Stanger says. "We'll all go out for pizza, and maybe you can talk us into playing at your next birthday party or something."

What: Gotham A-Go-Go
When: Saturday, Jan 12 @ 9pm
Where: White Owl Social Club, 1305 SE Eighth Ave.
Why: 'Cause you crave vintage stimulation
How much: $5 

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