Friday Werq Party: New Gossip Video

Nothing like the irrepressible Beth Ditto to make you feel good about working (werqing?)

By Aaron Scott February 15, 2013

It’s Friday morning. The inbox is full. The weekend seems like it’ll never arrive. Last night you worked through Valentine’s. (Okay, last night I worked through Valentine’s.) Who’s got your back? The Gossip kids. Their new video for “Get A Job,” off of the band’s recent album, A Joyful Noise, shows the irrepressible Beth Ditto busting her ass and breaking a smile through a range of jobs, from secretary to pet groomer to gap-toothed dentist (my favorite is the curly haired masseuse), while Nathan Howdeshell and Hannah Blilie knock out the beat on calculators and binding machines.

 “Get A Job,” a song directed at trust fund kids who got to party while Ditto went to work, got mixed reviews (mostly on account of Ditto’s awkward Madonna-reminiscent rap), but no one can question Ditto’s commitment to working. She’s supported herself from a young age; the list of jobs sent out with the video goes on and on—see below. And she makes it look so fun that it’s hard not to experience a joyful buzz to power you through the rest of the day. Then again, she just werqs it naturally. I wish I had half the job skills she has—and girl's never even worked in an office…

The band member's past jobs:

Burger King
Phone Psychic
Custodian at the Evergreen State College
Mail order at K Records and at Kill Rock Stars
I'm a farmer now and there's no money in it

Paper boy
Dishwasher at a German retirement home
Condom store employee
Dildo salesperson (this is real and was actually different than the condom store) 

Bud’s Discount Warehouse
Wal Mart
Puff’s $12 Zoo
Sonic Burgers
Western Sizzlin’
A&W Hot Dogs
King’s Den Hair Dressers
Metro Clothing
Mrs. Powell’s
Cinnamon Rolls
Tee’s Me
Coffee People
Black Cat Coffeehouse
Sharif’s Coffee Torrid
I ran a hair salon out of my house
I can’t even remember all the jobs! Nathan called me the professional job destroyer


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