It’s Friday morning. The inbox is full. The weekend seems like it’ll never arrive. Last night you worked through Valentine’s. (Okay, last night I worked through Valentine’s.) Who’s got your back? The Gossip kids. Their new video for “Get A Job,” off of the band’s recent album, A Joyful Noise, shows the irrepressible Beth Ditto busting her ass and breaking a smile through a range of jobs, from secretary to pet groomer to gap-toothed dentist (my favorite is the curly haired masseuse), while Nathan Howdeshell and Hannah Blilie knock out the beat on calculators and binding machines.

 “Get A Job,” a song directed at trust fund kids who got to party while Ditto went to work, got mixed reviews (mostly on account of Ditto’s awkward Madonna-reminiscent rap), but no one can question Ditto’s commitment to working. She’s supported herself from a young age; the list of jobs sent out with the video goes on and on—see below. And she makes it look so fun that it’s hard not to experience a joyful buzz to power you through the rest of the day. Then again, she just werqs it naturally. I wish I had half the job skills she has—and girl's never even worked in an office…

The band member's past jobs:

Burger King
Phone Psychic
Custodian at the Evergreen State College
Mail order at K Records and at Kill Rock Stars
I'm a farmer now and there's no money in it

Paper boy
Dishwasher at a German retirement home
Condom store employee
Dildo salesperson (this is real and was actually different than the condom store) 

Bud’s Discount Warehouse
Wal Mart
Puff’s $12 Zoo
Sonic Burgers
Western Sizzlin’
A&W Hot Dogs
King’s Den Hair Dressers
Metro Clothing
Mrs. Powell’s
Cinnamon Rolls
Tee’s Me
Coffee People
Black Cat Coffeehouse
Sharif’s Coffee Torrid
I ran a hair salon out of my house
I can’t even remember all the jobs! Nathan called me the professional job destroyer


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