This Week in Local Music: Regular Music, Summer Cannibals

A local-music family including space-y electronica trio Regular Music plays Rontoms; SoHiTek hosts young-but-promising rockers Summer Cannibals.

By Jonathan Frochtzwajg February 13, 2013

Regular Music, Copy, Paper/Upper/Cuts, and Grapefruit; Rontoms, Feb 17

Four bands play Rontoms Sunday—but only four people do. It's no riddle: the groups playing the next edition of the bar's weekly local-music showcase are made up of the same four musicians—Eric Mast (a.k.a. E*Rock), Papi Fimbres, Marius Libman, and Charlie Salas-Humara—in different configurations. Copy, Libman's solo project, is the eldest member of this local-music family. His bass-heavy, 8-bit-esque sound made him the only electronic-music producer to have won Willamette Week's Best New Band poll—all the way back in 2006. Regular Music, a collaboration among Mast, Libman, and Humara, is the baby, emerging just last winter with an improvised, intergalactic hybrid of digital and analog elements the band says is "sympathetic in nature…to psychedelic post free jazz acid synth inner space music."

Listen to a Regular Music track:

Summer Cannibals (with Dead Folk), SoHiTek Gallery, Feb 15

Speaking of baby bands: Summer Cannibals, formed last year, is still in its infancy, but the rock group's members boast pedigrees from other fine local outfits such as Your Canvas and Adventures! with Might, and the couple songs it's posted to Bandcamp, where grungy guitars and hard-driving percussion give a '90s-alt edge to singer Jessica Boudreaux's bluesy vocals, show much promise.

Stream Summer Cannibals' songs from Bandcamp:

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