Photographer George Steinmetz Takes Africa by Air

Watch this amazing aerial journey through Africa and then see the show in person at OMSI. Thru Aug 18.

By Aaron Scott March 18, 2013

While doing some multimedia research, I visited the page of one of the most talented producers in the field, in my opinion, MediaStorm, and came across this stunning video/audio slideshow of the work of National Geographic photographer George Steinmetz. Piloting his own foot-launched, ultralight, motorized paraglider—the lightest and slowest-moving aircraft in the world—he flies over Africa’s achingly beautiful landscapes, photographing camel caravans, elephant herds, and the continent’s magnificent geological, biological, and cultural diversity. Amazing patterns of life and geology emerge from a hundred feet in the air that are completely hidden to us on the ground. 

Conveniently, OMSI is running an exhibition of his photographs, titled Desert Air, through August 18. So if the beauty and sense of adventure of his work captivates you below, then head to OMSI to see the pictures as they’re meant to be seen: large and face-to-face.



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