Win Tickets to Thomas Lauderdale and Meow Meow with the Oregon Symphony

The Pink Martini bandleader teams up with the international kamikaze cabaret chanteuse and the full symphony for a night you won’t forget. September 14.

By Aaron Scott May 15, 2013

Image: Karl Giant

In the interest of full disclosure, many years ago I produced a show starring Meow Meow and Pink Martini bandleader Thomas Lauderdale
in the crushed-velvet, cigarette-smudged glamour of the drag club Darcelle’s. In typical manic grandeur, Meow climbed across the small cocktail tables, pulled audience members onstage for an improv dance routine starring a drag queen and some ruby slippers, crowd surfed with a martini, and practically crammed her face into the spotlight/camera, which projected her mug across all the room’s televisions in extreme close up. Which is to say, it was just another night in the life of the international kamikaze cabaret star of indeterminate origins, Meow Meow.

She and Lauderdale have a long history of collaborating dating back to a 2005 show at PICA’s Time-Based Art Festival. They’ve since performed together at venues ranging from the stripper’s stage of Mary’s Club to the architectural beauty of the Sydney Opera House, not to mention recorded an album that will come out one of these days. In addition, of course, to playing the world’s most prestigious venues on their own. But they’ll reach new heights on September 14 at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall in performance with the full Oregon Symphony for TBA:13.

Tickets went on sale on Friday. While it’s a long cry from the (then) smoky stage of Darcelle’s, it might just be the first time you see someone crowd surf at a symphony show. I just hope she gets a couple of the classical musicians to go with her.

This contest is now closed. Tickets available through the Oregon Symphony.


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