Bluegrass/Jam Band Name Generator (and a Sneak Peek at Northwest String Summit)

In honor of the NW String Summit this weekend and the perpetually outrageous band names, we've created a band name generator to make it easy to start your own.

By Claire Gordon July 15, 2013

Yonder Mountain String Band

Is it just us, or do the names of jam, bluegrass, and Americana bands just keep getting stranger as the options become harder to come by? Leftover Salmon, String Cheese Incident, Phish, Hot Tuna—it's like a seafood kitchen fever dream. We're still waiting for the genre's meta-cover band: The Grateful Yonder Leftover Phish Band Panic Incident.

If you find yourself struggling, then, to come up with a name for your band that seems new, fresh, and likely to get you invited to festivals like the NW String Summit this weekend, we've come up with a handy band name generator, broken down by types of band and the artists shaping the mold at the summit.

Progressive bluegrass band?
One vague but old-timey natural landmark + quick self-description of the type of band you are = ____?
See: Yonder Mountain String Band (Fri at 9:45, Sat at 8, Sun at 4:45) 

Jam band that fuses bluegrass, rock, country, and Cajun?
Your least favorite, yet oh so practical, type of cuisine + an aquatic life form = ____?
See: Leftover Salmon (Sat at 5:30pm) 

Portland based–bluegrass band that combines members of another successful band (like, say, the Decemberists)?
The color that occurs most in your band's wardrobe + one bygone relic of the American dream = ____?
See: Black Prairie (Fri at 5:50pm) 

Genre-bending soul band from the East Coast and the South?
A seedy profession + a made-up word that promises good vibes = ____?
See: Pimps of Joytime (Sat at 11:45pm) 

Indie folk band that favors the term “neofolk?"
One country animal + the hair accessory you’ve seen most around Portland this year = ____?
See: Horse Feathers (Sun at 1pm) 

Bluegrass band with a penchant for jamming on rock/metal songs, especially Metallica?
An elemental metal + one essential component of the cowboy lifestyle = ____?
See: Iron Horse (Sat at 2:20pm) 

Your favorite childhood beverage + a means of transportation = ____?
See: Milkdrive (Sun at 7:45pm) 

Classic mixture of Americana, folk, and bluegrass?
Type of family member + the medical ailment that frightens you most = ____?
See: Brothers Comatose (Fri at 11am) 

Old-school jam band that combines bluegrass and southern rock?
Your socio-economic status in college + type of human + your drink of choice = ____?
See: Poor Man’s Whiskey (Thurs at 1am)

Let us know the names you come up with in the comments below—and be sure to invite us to your first show!


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