Typhoon's "Thinking About You" Cover

The Portland indie band takes on Frank Ocean's popular ballad in a powerful way.

By Claire Gordon July 25, 2013

This just in: Portland's Typhoon gears up to release their next record by covering one of the most played, most talked-about songs of recent years. While the indie rockers aren't known for their covers, the 11-person band boldly takes on Frank Ocean’s “Thinking About You.” The song is often regarded as a simple love ballad, but Typhoon evokes the morose, teasing out the tried and true theme of mortality that runs throughout their work.

The cover begins with Kyle Morton’s hushed, rough-yet-warm vocals, and ethereal female vocals contribute to the chorus. Around the two-and-a-half minute mark, the song changes tune, shifting away from the melancholy and downtrodden to the passionately emotive, as Morton displays a full range of vocal expression. The song ascends into an angelic peak of female harmonies, flutes, synth, auto-tune—and surprisingly, it all works. Typhoon deftly layers sounds and voices into an intricate musical ode to Ocean’s ballad.

Regardless of which rendition you prefer, it’s impressive to see a Portland band put their unique stamp on such a popular, powerful song, and make it equally as chilling and poignant as the original. This is one cover we won’t be able to stop “thinking about.”

Check out their cover of “Thinking About You” below, and watch for the release of White Lighter on August 20th. Pre-order the album here, or stream it on npr

Typhoon goes on tour with Radiation City this fall, catch them at Portland's Musicfest NW (Sept 3-8). 

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