The Glorious Nosebleed (Big-band dubstep)
Thunder Fleece and the Patagonians (Folk hair band)
Tiny Khrushchev (Klezmercore)
Río Clackamás (Capoeira-infused Tim McGraw cover band)
Bauhaus Mouse (Industrial children’s tunes)
The Cry of Raptors! (Audubon Society–themed black metal)
Lovely Peter Meter Maid (Spoken-word punk rock)
Lobster Jockey (Sea shanty rap)
Moonpoop (Electro comedy)
Janky Slanket (Stoner Oompa-Loompa band)
Times New Romance (’80s nerdcore)
The Stevedores (Bubblegum jam band) 
She-3PO (Chiptunes Björk cover band)
Deer Trashes Supermarket (Art rock)
Wicker Pony Shop (Pagan emo)
Approach to Totality (Nu-hymnal)
Fairydust Satchel (Kazoo rock) 

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