Time-Based Art Festival 2013

TBA Review: Boy Band Audition

Day 9: Unquenchable audience participation transformed a meager performance into one for the history books.

By Ally Bordas September 23, 2013

While the Drag Ball was a juggernaut of audience fervor, the Boy Band Audition, despite being a much smaller audience, gave it a run for the money. Perhaps to everyone's surprise (particularly given the thin video preview), Boy Band Auditionkilled it. There is no other way to describe the perfect amount of enthusiasm and skillz Portland brought to the Works. The audience transformed this from a meager performance to one for the Top 10 lists.

The premise was the looming future and some rather unnecessary ridiculousness about how the boyband would save us from the ‘clones.’ With music by Mateo Segada, L.A. artist Alexandro Segade led the crowd through an audition of sorts, starting with group choreography and then pulling the most successful from the audience and leading them through singing routines in which they had to improvise on outlandish subjects like GIA KULTUR, GENETICALLY MODIFIED, CRONIC FATIGUE, and GUNN CONTROLL, followed by a dance off.

But this wasn’t any normal audience. It was filled with the festival's local and national artists, including Miguel Gutierrez and a number of his Powerful People cast. The dance off in particularly, where two teams were led against each other by rotating captians, was brilliant. Gutierrez and local performer Wayne Bund, both in short shorts high watered to their belly buttons, traded off leading their team, thoroughly destroying the two plants on the other.

Playing off the participants improvised lyrics, shouts of, ‘What’s keeping you down? Gravity. So stop believing in it!’ and ‘A little Maya Angelou and the sunset’ reverberated off the walls.

The show would have been a grand slam if it weren’t for awkward lulls in between different parts of the audition. Luckily, Portlanders carried the night, and it was obvious that the emcees were stunned at the amount of insane support that was given to the ten hopefuls auditioning.

The name the final six chose for themselves: Boiz2Gurlz. There’s no doubt that they had the mojo to save the future.

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