Win Tickets to the Village People (Serious)

The kings of disco bring their still-kicking camp to town over Thanksgiving weekend. Families that YMCA together, stay together. (It sure beats arguing over cold turkey.)

By Nathan Tucker November 19, 2013

We realize that there are few acts more overwhelmingly campy and overexposed than Village People. But that’s what makes them the perfect Thanksgiving weekend show. Why sit around your increasingly claustrophobic living room arguing with your increasingly irritating family members when you can take them to the Crystal to get their groove on to the "kings of disco?"

Given the booze you’ll already be drinking to get through the holiday weekend in one piece, it won’t be hard to get into the mood for the gloriously late-‘70s dance floor absurdity that is “Macho Man.” And besides, you already know all the words, and so do your cousins and in-laws, so what better way to work of your tryptophan hangover than doing the hand-motions to “YMCA” as enthusiastically as you can? If you want, you can even count watching Felipe Rose’s Native American persona strut his stuff as your historically conscious holiday observance; we won’t hold it against you. (Surprising fact: three of the six are original members.)

Enter to win tickets to Village People at the Crystal Ballroom on Nov 30.

Contest closes Monday, November 25. For show info and to purchase tickets, go here.

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