Internet Cat Video Fest Returns

The third annual traveling kitty rumpus pounces into town June 13 & 14. We choose our 5 favorite videos.

By Danielle Klenak June 10, 2014

You've seen them in your news feed (maybe you put them there!), you've watched them secretly (or not) on YouTube countless times. Next week, internet cat video afficionados will once again be treated to a screening of the best-of-the-best in feline interweb superstardom.

Will Braden (aka creator of the Henri Le Chat Noir vids), started the Internet Cat Video Festival three years ago in the middle of Minneapolis's Walker Arts Center Open Field and, to Braden's surprise, fans leapt at the opportunity to rub shoulders with fellow feline friendly film fans. The festival now tours the world, and is coming back to Hollywood Theatre for the second year in a row.

Internet Cat Video Festival 2014
Hollywood Theatre
June 13 and 14 at 7 pm and 9:30 pm
Braden won the first ever Golden Kitty Award (as well as Roger Ebert's praise) for his sardonic, French-subtitled, black-and-white (the film too) cat video, Paw de Deux. This year's lineup will include more from Braden, and all those other kittehs that have plugged social media as they've made the upward spiral from iPhone, to YouTube, and boomeranged into meme superstardom.

What are your favorite cat videos? Post them in the comments. Here are our top 5:

Simon’s Cat in “Cat Man Do.”
The animated series that has made Simon and his cat infamous, this is the one that started it all.

The Pattycake Cats
Talk about an internet sensation! These two padding cats would still be pawing at each other in obscurity without the collaborative efforts of two humans providing voiceover for their thoughts.

If you've never heard of Japan's most infamous cat, here's an introduction:

Cat vs Printer
This one's still making the rounds even after five years. It's been dubbed with sound effects added, but we think the original is purrrr-fect as is. No human intervention required.

Will Braden's Henri Le Chat Noir in Paw de Deux
Finally, the Golden Kitty Award winner itself. Roger Ebert said this is "the best internet cat video ever made." Bien sûr!

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