Like Almost Famous? Come Watch It With the REAL Pennie Lane!

Director's Cut screening! Seventies fashion! An American Idol contestant singing live! A special rock photography short film! This is the event for you.

By Eden Dawn September 19, 2014

The new millennium brought us many things—Y2K panic, chunky highlights, and teen pop overload—but it also gifted us with the ultimate throwback film: Cameron Crowe’s heartwarming, emotional, gotta-sing-along Almost Famous. The film is the the third installment of our Fashion in Film series curated by me and my fashion pal Marjorie Skinner from the Mercury.

Based on his time as a teenage rock writer for Rolling Stone, Crowe has us follow youngster William Miller (Patrick Fugit) on his tour across the country with a fictional band and their non-fiction bell-bottoms, wide collars, and mustaches. In the course of Miller’s adventures, we meet and fall in love with Penny Lane (Kate Hudson) and her iconic blue jeans, to-die-for jacket, crop tops, and Lennon glasses.

Sure, you know all about the film, but did you know that Cameron Crowe’s main inspiration for Hudson’s character is a real person, and a real Portlander at that? Pennie (Lane) Trumbull will be in attendance for our third edition of Fashion in Film at the Hollywood Theatre on Friday, September 26. 

The evening will also include a 70’s rock photography tribute by the legendary Roni Hoffman of San Francisco, and performance from American Idol semi-finalist Haley Johnson. The Hollywood Theatre will screen the Director’s Cut of the film for the first time in Oregon (now with more Led Zeppelin!) so we'll be able to bask in 40 additional minutes of 1970’s fashion glory.

This event is what we call in the biz "a sure fire sellout," so consider yourself warned: buy your tickets early. 

Fashion in Film showing Almost Famous. Friday, September 26, 7pm at the Hollywood Theatre. Purchase ($8) tickets here. 

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