Portland’s upstart low-power radio station XRAY.fm is in for a major soundlift. The local rock-and-talk station announced that starting September 22, it will expand its broadcast reach to 107.1 FM, as well as maintain its current east Portland frequency at 91.1 FM and online presence at xray.fm.

The new frequency was previously occupied by KZME, which announced on August 27 that it was "forced, because of financial shortcomings, to seek out a partnership agreement with other radio organizations." KZME’s parent company, Metro East, decided to turn over its translator to XRAY, allowing the 1-year-old station, which was previously confined to a small section of Portland, to reach nearly quadruple its current audience.

“The expansion is a significant step forward in furthering XRAY.fm’s mission to serve the city by broadcasting the best of Portland’s music, culture, and ideas,” stated XRAY.fm co-founder and now Metro East Community Media Board president Jenny Logan in the press release.“We’ve still got a long way to go, but this is exciting progress.”

Coupled with the station’s airwave expansion are line-up additions. The progressive, internationally syndicated Thom Hartmann Program will now follow Carl Wolfson’s Carl In The Morning, which airs weekdays from 7–9 am. The updated XRAY.fm will also feature New Orleans-produced Americana sampler American Routes and Chances With Wolves, a NYC-based show which previously aired on the recently defunct East Village Radio, as well as some of KZME's better known DJS.

XRAY.fm will also move from SE Portland to a new studio in North Portland, built in partnership with the Falcon Art Community.

Read our interview with Logan and fellow XRAY.fm co-founder Jeff Hylton Simmons here.

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