Relive Content's Design Fun in Photos

The window of Content's design frenzy at the Ace Hotel has closed for the year, but you can relive all the fun with our slide show recap.

By Eden Dawn October 21, 2014

Saturday night's promise of Content fun at the Ace Hotel did not disappoint. The annual showcase of local design talent, where designers of all stripes get to transform a hotel room in any way they want, is always a blast, but this year went above and beyond our expectations. From the fellas slinging drinks in the lobby to the attractive crowd roaming the halls, this year's class of designers brought the goods (literally) to the Ace. While a slide shows can never quite do Content justice (particularly with all the video-heavy installations this year), it’ll give you an idea. Here are a few of the things that tickled our fancy:

  • In an ode to variety in nature (such as the marble she uses in her design), the RillRill room had things that don’t quite match such as a googly-eyed video and a shower full of breasts.
  • The simple and moderns room from Liza Rietz + Boet matched the vibe of the 10 sleek outfits on display. The corner room with the huge couches also became default hang out zone for the fashion peeps in the building.
  • One sniff of Fieldwork Flowers room with seemingly dozens and dozens of delicate flowers tapped to the wall was enough to make you want to bypass winter directly for spring.
  • For the price of putting on one of his custom made onesie pajamas you could hop into bed with Brady Lange and pillow fight the designer just like you’ve seen in the movies.
  • Viewers watched the haunting film projected in Holly Stalder’s room while the silent model in her gold cape stayed eerily still.
  • Emily Katz took macramé to a new level covering the whole dang room with a wonderfully knotted world (and managed to sell the creation before the night was through).
  • All memories of a hotel room were erased when Betsy & Iya took all their sketches, to do notes, memos for each other, and everything else they’ve ever written to cover every inch of their room. We’re talking from the toilet overflowing to where the bed probably was.
  • Imaginary Authors brought us in with a full interactive displays as visitors put their phones into tiny cradles before they went on a gadgets-only trip inside a massive memory box to only learn what was inside once they watched the videos (Full disclosure: I helped with the manual labor of this room, so it’s not surprising I loved it.)
  • This was more than a full transformation. The starry night campfire creation in the Trust Co. room convinced everyone we were at a summer night’s outing.
  • As a self-loving Leo, the lion-centric Primal Haunt room with moody videos and prints everywhere pleased me to no end.
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