Laika and Focus Features to Partner For Three More Movies

Based on the success of Coraline, ParaNorman, and now The Boxtrolls, the local animation studio has inked a deal for three more movies with the first to likely come out in summer 2016.

By Aaron Scott October 3, 2014

Laika can buy all the trolls in Cheesebridge new boxes: The Boxtrolls grossed $17.3 million in its first weekend, making it the third highest grossing film at the box office—and the Hillsboro animation studio's biggest debut to date.

On the heels of the success, not to mention the accolades and Oscar-nominations for the companies last two films, Coraline and ParaNorman, Laika and its distributor, Focus Features, announced they have signed a deal to produce three more animated features.

Focus is the "bravest studio in the world" said Travis Knight, Laika President and CEO, in a press release this morning. "We’ve forged an incredible bond over a shared love for, and commitment to, bold, distinctive, and enduring stories."

Of course, there was no mention of what the next film is going to be, even though Laika is already deep at work on it. "Once Boxtrolls is done, we’re going to announce our next film," Knight told PoMo during a studio tour last spring for our behind-the-scenes feature on the film. "It’s going to be super awesome. It’s unlike anything we’ve done, and unlike anything out there."

What he is willing to say is that they hope to release it by summer 2016. It's been a long time goal of the studio to release a film a year (currently they've been taking two to three years), but Knight says they're approaching an 18-month schedule. "The process is glacial—this took almost 10 years to go from book to screen," he says of The Boxtrolls. "As a company that started with none of this stuff, it’s taken a while to get to the point where we can get to that kind of schedule. I’m happy that we’re almost there."

We look forward to finding out what detailed worlds they'll create next.

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