The Decemberists Announce Album Release, Portland Concert, and Music Video

After a four-year hiatus, the Decemberists' new album is slated for January 2015. The band plays the Keller Auditorium March 21, 2015.

By Matthew Schonfeld November 24, 2014

Mere weeks ago, Colin Meloy, the frontman of Portland-based indie outfit the Decemberists, stood in front of a mural on the corner of Bedford Avenue & North 7th in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and performed with his signature crooning lyricism. The mural featured the cover art of the band's forthcoming record, What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World, and Meloy performed a brand new song, "Make You Better." Now we have a release date for the band's seventh studio album, January 20, 2015, and a proper studio recording accompanied by visuals for the album's debut track. 

The band also released dates for a European tour in February and March of next year—so if you're planning an overseas vacation, get stoked. They'll perform at Portland's Keller Auditorium March 21, 2015 for their first date back in the States. 

After mysteriously starting a tumblr page called—ostensibly lost footage from their formative '70s days—the Decemberists debuted their new music video for "Make You Better" on November 24.  

What A Wonderful World, What A Terrible World Track List

  1. The Singer Addresses His Audience
  2. Cavalry Captain 
  3. Philomena 
  4. Make You Better 
  5. Lake Song 
  6. Till the Water is All Long Gone 
  7. The Wrong Year 
  8. Carolina Low 
  9. Better Not Wake The Baby 
  10. Anti-Summersong 
  11. Easy Come, Easy Go 
  12. Mistral
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