The Portland Art Museum has extended its run of 'The Enclave,' an immersive multimedia meditation on the conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, due to extraordinary public interest. Photographer Richard Mosse's work, which defamiliarizes both the genre of war photography and tropes of African suffering through haunting images in electric hues of pink, blue, and crimson, has elicited strong reactions from the thousands of Portlanders who have already attended the show. To facilitate engagement and conversation, the museum provided comment cards to visitors at the exhibit. These cards, many of which are now on display through the museum’s Tumblr, provide a fascinating window into the at times emotional, at times incisive reactions of Portlanders to The Enclave’s devastating sounds and images. Click through the slide show to see a selection of the comment cards, a documentary view of our city’s reaction to—in Mosse’s words—“narratives so painful that they exist beyond language.”

The Enclave will be on display until April 12 at the Portland Museum of Art, 1219 SW Park Ave.
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