Small Presses Bring Big Literary Talent to Powell's

Twelve writers from all over throw down at Powell's for this year's 8th annual Smallpressapalooza.

By Larisa Owechko March 11, 2015

Smallpressapalooza is back at Powell’s on Burnside on March 16 for the 8th annual throw down of writers published by small presses. This year’s event features twelve local and national writers reading selections of fiction, poetry, and memoir published by small, independent press houses across the country. Expect a grab-bag of literary delights, with likely topics ranging from graceful examinations of the evolution of joy to funny musings on what it means to be human.

Three hours of small press offerings may sound like a marathon, but given that the night is chopped into more digestible 15-minute legs from each writer­­—allowing listeners to loosely slip in and out of the audience—it helps to think of it more as a reading relay.

Host Kevin Sampsell (local author, editor and Powell’s small press champion) namechecks a few writers he is especially excited for, among them Lauren Ireland, Seattleite and writer of a poetry collection entitled Dear Lil Wayne–need we say more?– and Eugene-resident Evelyn Hampton, whose collection of short stories Discomfort came out last month. 

Mike Young, new Portlander and owner of his own small press, will close out the show. “This will be kind of a Powell’s ‘welcome to Portland!’ event for him,” says Sampsell. 

Find out why Sampsell describes Portland as “a hotspot for small presses right now” at Smallpressapalooza on Monday, March 16, starting at 6 pm. Find the schedule of readings on Powell’s event calendar!

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