Bridgetown Comedy Festival: The Recap

From Janeane Garofalo's Spanx to Dana Gould's questionable clown jokes, we scribbled down the best moments from the 2015 Bridgetown Comedy Festival—or at least the best ones we could remember!

By Ramona DeNies and Marty Patail May 12, 2015

Janeane Garofalo!

Peace Out (Bossanova)

RD: Host Laura House is a certified raw food chef AND the self-described "hillbilly slut" in Natalie Portman film Where the Heart Is. Also, she's very Zen. What's stranger than closing a late-night showcase with guided group meditation? Having a stage full of tweaked-out comedians watch you breathe.

"Why did Eric Clapton switch from PC to Mac? He had a terrible experience with Windows."—Neil Hamburger

"A tank full of hate with electric walls. All are welcome. That's the G.O.P."—Janeane Garofalo (proudly sporting her Spanx at sternum height)

"Why did Madonna feed her children Alpo brand dog food? She had no choice—that's just what came out of her breast."—Neil Hamburger 

Dana Gould!

The Dana Gould Hour (Doug Fir)

MP: A panel hosted by former Simpsons writer Dana Gould, featuring Arden Myrin, Steve Agee, and Baron Vaughn. Agee and Vaughn were the quietest of the four, but brought some of the biggest laughs with their well-timed interjections and observations.

"Have you ever wanted to rape a clown and got in their car and had to rape 40 clowns?"—Dana Gould

"I'm from Little Compton in Rhode Island. It's adorable. We have little gangs."—Arden Myrin

"It was only a few weeks ago that Bruce Jenner was just creepy. It was only a couple weeks ago that he was someone who had too much plastic surgery. And now all of a sudden he's someone who hasn't had enough."—Dana Gould 

Jonathan Katz!

7 Minutes in Purgatory (Doug Fir)

MP: A fun concept—the comedians were asked to go behind the stage into a room with a camera, which live-streamed their performance to the audience in the front. Since the comedians were wearing sound-proof headphones, they couldn't hear the audience at all. It was surprising how little this seemed to throw them off their game. Once the weirdness of the gimmick settled in, it seemed like any other comedy show (except that the live stream would occasionally flicker on and off.) 

"I'm going to leave you guys here with a song that I wrote about the time I was kidnapped, as a child, by a man named Country Roads." (Launches into John Denver's "Country Roads")—Ian Abramson

"I have said so many rephrensible things in the name of comedy. Here are some of my favorites.—Jonathan Katz

Lance Bangs!

Come Laugh With Us (Doug Fir)

MP: A multi-format show featuring, among others, documentarian and filmmaker Lance Bangs. The highlight: a never-aired clip from the original Jackass movie, in which Johnny Knoxville goes into a hardware store wearing a bright orange prison jumpsuit and attempts to buy a hacksaw for his cuffs. The police response is, predictably, massive (hence why it was never aired). Bangs also aired a clip from a never-aired hidden camera show, where they would film drunken, bored, or cynical NFL fans talking during the game. The conversations he showed were, as far as I could tell, hilarious—but, according to Bangs, the NFL disagreed and brought the hammer down on the show as soon as they found out about it. I would pay money for this to exist. 

Karen Kilgariff!


RD: By the tail end of Bridgetown 2015, these comedians were in pretty sorry shape. There were blank stares. There were mild freakouts and abrupt departures. (Hey, YOU try being funny after four days of Fireball shots and no sleep.) Kyle Kinane gripped his can of Gilgamesh Mamba like a door handle outta here; a surprisingly heavy stage stool vanquished Matt McCarthy. Perhaps it was lashing out after being sexually assaulted by L.A.'s Barbara Gray?  

"My comedy is written for attractive people. So if you're sitting there thinking, I don't really like this guy, well..."—Michael Kosta

"I used to think that rockabilly was hard core, but then I read about Norwegian death metal. You've got flames on your iPhone, but Lars over here has a necklace made out of his drummer's skull."—Kyle Kinane 

RD: Still killing it on Day Four? Drennan Davis and Mr. Show's Karen Kilgariff sang saccharine ditties about geolocation services from Bjork and your very, very dumb tattoos. And Seattle's Derek Sheen (back in town Thursday for the Analog Cafe's Down to Funny Showcase) had a few things to say about hipsters:

"How did I know it was a hipster butcher shop? Well, there was a dude spinning vinyl." (Below, watch Sheen's complete bit in its full, ranty glory.)—Derek Sheen 

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