The Latest in Arts News: Kate Nash Surprise Show

The tres chic activist rocker hits Music Millennium, Hand2Mouth's sneak peek performance, and Disjecta's Chiara Giovando wants to meet you over mimosas.

By Ramona DeNies May 28, 2015

Kate Nash Surprise show at Music Millenium

If you miss Brit rocker Kate Nash's panel convo this Saturday at the Hollywood, here's a more intimate (and free) opportunity: she'll also swing by Music Millennium later that day. "We just had this performance fall into our laps out of nowhere," the MM folks wrote last night. Bitchin' news, guys. We'll take it.


In late July, Hand2Mouth Theatre is premiering a new play inspired by the seedy, decomposing world of Gus Van Sant's My Own Private Idaho. In a modern Portland filled with glassy condos and gourmet lattes, what has become of the characters immortalized by Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix? Do they now work and Weiden + Kennedy? Get pushed out to Estacada? Perhaps they're still drifting through downtown, searching for oblivion (but now, via endless pints of experimental hop IPA). Get a sneak peek of the production this Sunday at Artists Repertory Theatre's Laswell Studio.

We spy a newcomer in this print...

New Bridges: So Shiny, We LIKE!

Artist Michael Beard visits Powell's City of Books at noon this Saturday to sign prints of "Tilikum Crossing"—the latest in his iconic Portland bridge series. Posters are great. Next, can we can get the whole lot printed up on some high thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets? How about our shower curtain? Table runner, maybe? 

Some News That's Fit to Print

Tomorrow, City Club's lunch hour Friday Forum turns its eagle eye on the nation's "venerable newsrooms." In the wake of Charlie Hebdo and events in Denmark, should the line between protected free speech and criminal hate speak be redrawn? The program has a heavy-hitter on hand to help shape the conversation: New York Times VP  and Assistant General Counsel David McCraw.


"Monster" flutist Claire Chase is the star of Third Angle New Music's next season—though the rest of the lineup packs a punch too. The season starts with an October show in Mount Angel's stunning modern library, designed by Finland's Alvar Aalto (the music, fittingly, is from Finnish composers with vocals from Cappella Romana). Next up, commissioned music and spoken word from local artists, Oregon Symphony bassoonist Evan Kuhlmann as you've never heard him, and more.

Chiara Giovando.

Meet Chiara

We hear LA-based sound art curator and composer Chiara Giovando is Disjecta's new Curator-in-Residence—and that you can meet her this Sunday afternoon. What does she have planned for the fifth year of Disjecta's residence program? Ask her yourself, between sips of free mimosas.

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