Check Out this Awesome Map of American Literary Road Trips, Including 'Wild'

Planning a road trip this summer? You could follow in the footsteps of any number of literary luminaries—including our own Cheryl Strayed—with the help of this marvelous new map from Atlas Obscura.

By Fiona McCann July 22, 2015

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Travel site and digital guidebook Atlas Obscura has published a detailed—like, really detailed—map of road trips from American literature, among them Portland author Cheryl Strayed’s Wild journey.

Created by Richard Kreitner and Steven Melendez, the map “includes every place-name reference in 12 books about cross-country travel, from Mark Twain’s Roughing It (1872) to Cheryl Strayed’s Wild (2012) and maps the authors’ routes on top of one another.” Each route is peppered with quotations from the book concerned, often with reference to that particular location on the map. 

Wild aside, four of the other literary journeys mapped pass through or close by Portland—Blue Highways: A Journey into America by William Least Heat Moon, Ted Conover's Rolling Nowhere: Riding the Rails With America's HoboesCross Country: Fifteen Years and 90,000 Miles on the Roads and Interstates of America with Lewis and Clark, by Robert Sullivan and John Steinbeck's Travels with Charley

A little further afield, Robert M. Pirsig's Zen And the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and Tom Wolfe's The Electric Kool-Aid Test also dip into Oregon. 

Whether you're planning a road trip and in need of some inspiration or planning some lawn chair travel in the page-turning fashion, this map has you covered and then some. See the full, interactive map here. Happy trails! 

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