What happens when 3,000 special snowflakes meet in Portland for five days of intentional adventures known as the World Domination Summit, fomented by local self-help superstar Chris Guillebeau? They break world records, is what—this year for the “biggest breakfast in bed party”. Ever.

To wit, on Friday, July 17, 600 WDSers kicked back in Pioneer Square and secured a Guinness Book of World Records entry for their mass breakfast in bed party, dubbed ‘Worldwide Waffles’.

It’s not the first time summiteers have made their mark. In their first year, the WDS team broke a record for the longest floating human chain, with over 600 people coming out for immersion in the chilly Willamette waters to make it a reality. That was followed up by a record for the world’s longest yoga chain in 2014.

“After wearing ourselves out the previous years, we asked ourselves, “What’s the laziest record we could set?” said organizer Tyler Tervooren. “It took some hard thought, but we landed on 'biggest breakfast in bed party.' What could be lazier than that?”

The resulting event broke the China-held record, as 600 people came together at Pioneer Courthouse Square to eat breakfast together. In bed. Click through the photos above to see how it happened.

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