Five Reasons You Should Head for the Living Dead Horror Convention

Horror actors and creators from around the world bring their craft to Portland this weekend for a brand new horror convention—hell, Dana Ashbrook of Twin Peaks is going to be there. We've got five reasons you should, too.

By Brandon Staley November 12, 2015

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The time for spooks and scary costumes has passed—or has it? Dust off that skeleton, vampire, or sexy Bernie Sanders get-up one more time for the Living Dead Horror Convention, a three-day horror-themed celebration that boasts big names in a big venue. Eldritch revelry will be taking over the Oregon Convention Center from Friday to Sunday, running from midday into the night (leaving plenty of time for you to rise dramatically just as the sun sets). Why should you be there? There are so many reasons, but here are just five we were able to pull from the ruins of a sunken non-Euclidean sea fortress just in the nick of time. No biggie.

  1. It’s the first of its kind in Portland

Everyone loves a new thing, and the Living Dead Horror Convention is as new as it gets. This is the convention’s first year, though there are hopes to make this an annual draw.

  1. It’s locally made

The convention is the brainchild of Deanna Uutela, owner and Editor-in-Chief of Living Dead Magazine, and James Beach, the magazine’s sales and marketing director. The magazine has similar aims to the convention: to promote and support hardworking horror artists, actors, and businesses—those buckets of fake blood aren’t going to pay for themselves, after all.

  1. Twin Peaks meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre
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Where else can you meet Pam from Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Dana Ashbrook of Twin Peaks under one roof? If you play your cards right you might even run into Barbara Steele, the reputed queen of gothic horror. Several of the marquee guests will also be speaking on panels about everything from obscure horror movies—forgotten slasher movies of the 1980s, anyone?— to the special effects that go into making the monsters we love to fear.

  1. The after party can’t be anything but weird
Horrorconvention ohyp26

What happens when you mix a massive horror convention, fans from across the globe, and the infamous horror-themed Lovecraft Bar on perhaps the most hallowed of all horror fan eves (aside from Halloween, of course)? You get a call that’s coming from inside the house that just keeps yelling, “party, party, party.” You can kickoff this Stygian convention at the Lovecraft Bar on the convention’s opening night.

  1. It's got a Friday the 13th kick-off

The Living Dead Horror Convention opens its creaky, rusted doors on Friday the 13th. You were probably just going to hang out in a cemetery or chant to yourself in a foggy, mirror-filled room, but at least now you’ll have some easy company. 

The Living Dead Horror Convention runs November 13-15 at the Oregon Convention Center. 

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