Listen to the New Typhoon Remix Right Here Right Now

Portland’s populous (12 members, give or take) indie rock band Typhoon has teamed up with longtime friends, collaborators, and occasional roommates My Body for a new three-track EP. And we’ve got the first one right here!

By Fiona McCann November 23, 2015

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Take one Portland indie rock band. Add one New York R&B/pop duo. Mix them up and what do you get? A three-track EP, where the friends, collaborators—even one-time roommates—take turns remixing tracks from each other's most recent records.

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The first track takes a different tack though, with Typhoon’s Hunger and Thirst remixed by the band’s own violinist. "For most of my musical career, I have been a supporting player for some very talented songwriters/bandleaders and only rarely do I sing a lead part in front of an audience,” says Shannon Rose Steele. “When Kyle asked me to sing lead on the second half of Hunger and Thirst, it gave me the opportunity to really explore and understand my own voice, my breath, and my confidence.”

The violinist, whose haunting vocals take center stage on the new mix, says the idea for the track came from practicing the part alone with her loop pedal and slowing down the tempo. “The sparse, vocals-only sound lent itself well to the way the song made me feel so I decided to make it into its own piece.”

Watch Bug Hunt’s YouTube channel for the EP’s other two tracks, debuting later this week.

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