City smells. Urban nutria. Phantom streams. Hauntings. Each gets its own map in Portlandness: A Cultural Atlas—a brand-new book from two master geographers at Portland State University.

David Banis is Associate Director of PSU's Center for Spatial Analysis and Research. His co-author, Hunter Shobe, is a geography professor with a focus on cultural cartography. Together, these two academics—in concert with legions of students over the past six years—have produced a decidedly approachable tome for the data-minded Cascadian.

"We have the analogy of a tourist, who is hyperaware, noticing every little thing," says Shobe. "In some ways, it would behoove people to behave that way at home. Things suddenly become far more interesting."

Shobe and Banis read at Powell's City of Books on Monday, Nov 23, at 7:30 pm

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