Top Things to Do This Weekend: Dec 17–20

Rumi's in the house, y'all! Whirling dervishes, an apocalyptic library, Typhoon turns 10, plus Fernando, Death Cab for Cutie, and one hell of a light show at Disjecta.

By Ramona DeNies December 17, 2015

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Una noche con Fernando—this Thursday at Mississippi Studios.


Death Cab for Cutie
Thursday at 8 pm, Crystal Ballroom
Kintsugi is the Japanese art of fixing cracked ceramics with gold to highlight flaws. It’s also the name of the indie band’s eighth studio album, penned in a time of flux for the band (now officially a trio).

Thursday at 8 pm, Mississippi Studios
Argentine-Portland roots troubadour Fernando Viciconte taps collaborators including R.E.M.’s Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey for a tour supporting latest album Leave the Radio On.

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Happy birthday, Typhoon. You rock!

Sunday at 8 pm, Revolution Hall
Indie outfit Typhoon turns 10 this month, and we’re all invited to the birthday bash. The populous PDX band (a dozen members, give or take) rocks Revolution Hall, with “a bunch of our very favorite musician friends and a special Typhoon set covering the past 10 years of material” promised.


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It's been a busy month; you dervish a night out on the town. Why not whirl by the Tiffany Center?

Sema of the Path of Love
Thursday at 7:30 pm, Tiffany Center
Whirling dervishes, devotional Turkish music, mystical prayer: the Seattle-based Mevlevi Order of America presents this ceremonial dance honoring the 13th-century Sufi poet Rumi.

Thursday–Sunday at 7:30 pm, BodyVox
Dance as a game of chance? Twenty rehearsed dances are in the bank; BodyVox invites the audience to spin the proverbial wheel (and other game show devices) to inform the order of each evening’s performance.

CLOSING Library at the End of the World
Thursday & Saturday at 7 pm, Sunday at 1 pm, CoHo Theatre
At the setting of the show's title, dystopia means 13 world premieres—from local choreographers as well as visitors from Colorado and LA—in This is 11: Dance Company's second full-length show.


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Et tu, ZooZoo? 

Friday at 7 pm, Saturday at noon and 2 pm, Imago Theatre
Imago brings back its popular peripatetic production one more time, replete with conga-dancing polar bears and insomniac hippos. The New York Times says “just watch”—this will be your last chance to do so before ZooZoo zips off on a final national tour.

CLOSING Dissenter's Handbook: A Collection of Riotous Tales by Dario Fo
Thursday–Saturday at 7:30 pm, Sunday at 5 pm
Actor Michael Kerrigan of Shaking the Tree reprises a CoHo Summerfest role in this series of glittering, well-received political jibes from the Italian folklorist. (Heads up: after this weekend, just three shows left!)


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More wattage than Peacock Lane, y'all; it's the Contact Expo at Disjecta.

Contact Expo
Friday–Sunday from noon to 5 pm, Disjecta Contemporary Art Center
Exhibition think tank Downtown Light and Sound Solution draws on 3–D mapping for an ever-shifting six-week "multi-channel sound and light environment." Disjecta Artist-in-Residence Chiara Giovondo curates.

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