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If you splurged on a bottle of wine and box of chocolates for yourself this Valentine's Day, you’re going to need some solid tunes to go along with all that booze and sugar—something to spark a private dance party in your living room. With so much talent passing through in February, we've compiled a 20-track playlist featuring artists performing in Portland this month.

Feb 1: The Soft Moon, “Black”: Bump this sleek, cool track at the beginning of a Friday night and you’ll probably end up starring in your own version of Drive. holocene.org

Feb 2: Julia Holter, “Feel You”: Julia Holter has had a very good year, with Pitchfork, Q, and Stereogum all putting her 2015 release Have You In My Wilderness on their top 50 lists. She played Bunk Bar in October, and now she's back already. holocene.org.

Feb 3: Tor Miller, “Carter & Cash”: The fresh-faced Brooklyn-based indie pop artist exploded onto the scene last year with his Headlights EP.  dougfirlounge.com

Feb 3: Mark Hummel, “Blues Stop Knockin’”: Mark Hummel has got the blues—for you. The Blues Music Award winner is visiting Portland, accompanied by notable guitarists such as Little Charlie Baty and Anson Funderburgh. aladdin-theater.com

Feb 4: Dr. Dog, “The Old Days”: An indie band that’s gone seriously mainstream, Dr. Dog has been on a lot of late-night talk shows, including Jimmy Fallon and Conan, and now comes to you live at the Crystal. mcmenamins.com/CrystalBallroom

Feb 5: Andy McKee, “Blue Liquid”: The solo fingerstyle artist contributed to Josh Groban’s Noël in 2007, which was the bestselling album of the year. He’s also a low-key YouTube celebrity. portland5.com/winningstad-theatre

Feb 5-7: Super Furry Animals, “The Very Best of Neil Diamond”: The Welsh electro-rockers are in town courtesy of Sabertooth Microfest. mcmenamins.com/CrystalBallroom

Feb 6: Troye Sivan, “WILD”: South-African pop sensation Troye Sivan—also familiar as the young James Howlett from X-Men Origins: Wolverine—makes a Portland stop on his US tour. roselandpdx.com

Feb 9: Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn, “Railroad”: Want to watch a married couple mingle clawhammer banjo with Chinese string traditions? Here’s your chance. portland5.com/newmark-theatre

Feb 10: Sunbathe, “With a Little Help”: You know when you download a new song, and it reaches 90 listens on your iTunes within 24 hours? Consider the inclusion of this track an act of altruism. mississippistudios.com

Feb 12: Grace Potter, “Something That I Want”: It’s only been half a year since pop star Grace Potter released her solo album Midnight. And even though the album seems to target a particular time of day, we can assure you it’s always worth a listen. roselandpdx.com

Feb 12: Wet, “All the Ways”: The Brooklyn-based indie R&B trio just released this new single, which is bound to get you on your feet. mississippistudios.com

Feb 13: Sweater Beats, “Cloud City”: Every once in a while, you have to dedicate your Saturday night to the club in order to repent for your Netflix binges. Make good on that promise on this Valentine's Eve, courtesy of Filipino-American music maker Antonia Cuna, aka Sweater Beats. holocene.org

Feb 19: Metric, “Gold Guns Girls”: Metric formed in 1998, meaning they predate Death Cab—and that they're basically indie rock royalty. roselandpdx.com

Feb 20: Genders, “Technicolor Vision”: These Rilo Kiley-esque Pacific Northwesterners—who include Maggie Morris of Sunbathe—are heating up stages all over the place. mississippistudios.com

Feb 23: Cœur de Pirate, “Comme des enfants”: It can be a challenge to get English speakers to listen to anything not in their native tongue. Who really paid attention in high-school Spanish? Yet thanks to her accessible and textured indie ballads, Coeur de Pirate has been able to translate her success to the States. dougfirlounge.com

Feb 24: Black Violin, “Stereotypes”: Classical meets hip-hop in this refreshing collaboration. portland5.com/arlene-schnitzer-concert-hall

Feb 26: The Dustbowl Revival, “That Old Dustbowl”: The Dustbowl Revival is a bluegrass sensation—they’ve even filmed a music video with Dick Van Dyke. mississippistudios.com

Feb 27: Galactic, “Into The Deep (feat. Macy Gray)”: Galactic has recorded R&B tracks with big-name artists like Macy Gray, Irma Thomas, and JJ Grey, and now you can witness their magic for yourself. mcmenamins.com/CrystalBallroom

Feb 28: Freakwater, “Waitress Song”: Not all alt-country bands continue to draw audiences more than 25 years on. But that's just what Freakwater manages. mississippistudios.com

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