Rap Group Migos, Triumvirate of the Dab, Comes to Wonder Ballroom

The Atlanta-based trio brings their signature dance—and a new album—to Portland on Tuesday, February 23.

By Marty Patail February 17, 2016

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If you watched any NFL last year, you already know the dab.

It's a dance, it's a trendy marijuana concentrate, and it's also the ultimate power pose, performed most famously by Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton after a touchdown. Alas, Cam didn't have the opportunity to dab much at this year's Super Bowl 50, but here he is in happier days. Apparently, it's upsetting to some moms. We don't agree.

Migos, the Atlanta-based hip hop trio who first brought dabbing to the world last fall with Look at My Dab, kicked off their first North American tour in San Francisco last night, February 17.  The group hopes to build off the momentum they gained in 2015 with their Back to the Bando mixtape, and promote their new mixtape YOUNG RICH NI$$A$ 2, which debuted on January 18. They'll be in Portland Tuesday, February 23, so start practicing now. Even Stevie Wonder is doing it

Should be fun. 

8 pm Tuesday, February 23 at the Wonder Ballroom

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