March 2016: A Month of Portland Concerts in 20 Songs

From the Boss to the Bieb, via Iggy Pop and Slayer, March's musical madness is guaranteed. We've put together a playlist for Portland's live music this month.

By Jack Rushall March 1, 2016

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Heads up, Portland: This mad March offers something to satisfy every musical craving. Mainstream pop kids can witness the Bieb himself at the Moda Center, metalheads can dabble in the piercing eroticism of Slayer’s groundbreaking thrash metal, and everyone else can have their pick of acts, from local legend Radiation City to international icons like Animal Collective and SOAK. Did we mention the Boss is back in town, too? Have a listen to our playlist of the month's musical shows.

March 2: The Shivas, “You Make Me Wanna Die”: In PDX, garage rock always holds a special place in our hearts. With their fifth album Better Off Dead released last month, the Shivas are celebrating by performing every single track at the Doug Fir.

March 3: Le1f, “Wut”: Wut? Le1f is coming to PDX? New York rapper Le1f made headlines in 2013 when he accused Macklemore of ripping off his beat from “Wut” for “Thrift Shop.” Have a listen and draw your own conclusions.

March 4: St. Lucia, “Dancing On Glass”: Everybody needs a little synth pop in their lives, and St. Lucia are in town to provide, behind their second studio album Matter.

March 4: John Prine, “In Spite Of Ourselves”: Country-folk legend John Prine, who received the Artist of the Year Award at the Americana Music Awards in 2005, is coming to the Schnitz.

March 5: Animal Collective, “Bluish”: You don’t have to be high and in high school to jive with the rambunctious rumblings of cult band Animal Collective. The experimental group, known for softening the comedowns of teenagers and college students across America, is so trippy that they even boast a visual record with ODDSAC.

March 7: José González, “Heartbeats”: Remember that song you couldn't get out of your head 13 years ago? “One night to be confused, one night to speed up truth. . . " The Swedish indie folk singer is back with new album Vestiges and Claws.

March 8: SOAK, “Sea Creatures”: Why not kick off your celebration of St. Patrick’s Day by attending the performance of a 19-year-old Northern Irish indie rock singer? A one-woman modern spin on the Cranberries? Find out.

March 11: The High Highs, “Bridge”: Sydney-based the High Highs are a sugary, melancholic sample of the indie rock boom with origins down under.

March 13: Justin Bieber, “What Do You Mean?”: What do we mean? You can get a slice of the Bieb in real-time at the Moda Center come March 13. Forrreal.

March 18: They Will Destroy You, “They Move On Tracks of Never-Ending Light”: Listening to They Will Destroy You is like taking Ibuprofen to cure a headache, and then having one too many drinks on top of it. Consider us destroyed. In a good way.

March 19: Radiation City, “Juicy”: Radiation City is for all the indie rock fans who still put the Garden State soundtrack on shuffle. The Portland Tender Loving Empire darlings just released a new album called Synesthetica.

March 20: Daughter, “Medicine”: If you’ve publicly shed a tear to Daughter's downbeat indie rock before, you’re not alone. It happens to the best of us. Warning: only to be listened to in a group setting.

March 20: Slayer, “Delusions of Saviour”: Slayer has songs on all manner of subjects, from necrophilia to Nazism. They don’t call it heavy metal for nothing.

March 22: The Smashing Pumpkins, “1979”: The Smashing Pumpkins are touring with Liz Phair and are on their way to Stumptown, keeping the dream of the '90s alive and well in its natural home.

March 22: Bruce Springsteen, “Dancing In the Dark”: Bruce Springsteen is back on the road, doing what the Boss does best. We hope he still has a handkerchief in the back pocket of those blue jeans.

March 23: Chairlift, “Bruises: Remember when iPod commercials would introduce you to an indie jingle that would dominate your “Recently Played” playlist for at least or a month or so? Chairlift is certified iPod commercial cool.

March 25: Geographer, “Kaleidoscope”: Chilly but cool, Geographer wants to remind you that winter isn’t over—yet. You can dance and be emotionally despondent simultaneously.

March 26: Bag Raiders, “Shooting Stars”: Bag Raiders can drop an impassioned club floor beat like no other. This show screams glow sticks.

March 29: Iggy Pop, “Lust For Life”: Iggy Pop has been making punk music since 1969 with his band the Stooges. These days, he tours solo—but he’s good company all the same.

March 30: RAC, “We Belong”: RAC stands for the Remix Artist Collective, but it's basically Portlander André Allen Anjo, mixing up material from some serious musical names. Did we mention his Grammy nom this year?

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