Portland Vogue Dancers Show You How to Buy Groceries

These stars of Portland’s vogue battle scene are fast going viral with their video of shopping at QFC.

By Fiona McCann June 9, 2016

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Three stars of Portland’s burgeoning vogue ball scene have been owning it on the Internet with their hilarious video of grocery shopping, with all the elements.

Voguing, duckwalking, catwalking, serious (and property-damaging) hand performance, floorwork in the aisles—and apples!—all come together to make for an entertaining shopping experience, titled: “Getting our groceries AND OUR LIFE!!!!!”

The video, starring Tracy Wong, Daniel Girón, and Brandon Harrison, has been shared more than 26,000 times since Harrison posted it on Saturday in the Whackers and Voguers of the Great Northwest Facebook group.

Check it out below and gimme that gimme that gimme that honey! 

Getting our groceries AND OUR LIFE!!!!!

Posted by Brandon Harrison on Saturday, 4 June 2016
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