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Kyle Morton’s Solo Album to Grimm, January’s Pop Culture Hot List

The show, album, book, and TV series you can't miss this month.

By Fiona McCann December 20, 2016 Published in the January 2017 issue of Portland Monthly

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The Show

From a small perch in inner Southeast, Newspace takes on big issues: the industrial-prison complex, democracy, nuclear materials. Now comes Torrent Tea (January 13–February 25, pictured above), a group exhibition from artists of color showing portraits of blackness and queerness. It aims to take back the medium of photography “from a canon that has historically neglected their participation.”

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The Album

Typhoon front man Kyle Morton’s new solo album, What Will Destroy You, is an intimate indie folk record full of finely crafted songs for lovers and loners—recorded in Portland with longtime collaborator Paul Laxer. Morton will be at the Old Church January 6 for a show with Snowblind Traveler. 

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The Book

It’s been almost five years since the last Jon Raymond novel landed in our laps—which is why the arrival of Freebird (January 3) requires that you set aside all New Year plans and dive in without delay. The story of an LA sustainability nut who slides into a moral quagmire runs alongside that of her teenage son attempting to forge a relationship with his grandfather, and of her former Navy SEAL brother who struggles to redress the wrongs he sees in the world he returned to from Afghanistan. It’s a darkly relatable amorality tale from a skilled storyteller.

The End

This winter is the beginning of the end for Portland-filmed fantasy staple Grimm, as the first of the 13 episodes of its sixth and final season airs January 6. For keeping our demons at bay (and many of us employed), we salute you, Nick & Co.

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