The Shakedown

It’s Portlandia’s Penultimate Season. We Shake It Down.

You ready, Fred and Carrie?

By Marty Patail January 23, 2017 Published in the February 2017 issue of Portland Monthly

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Gotta respect solid wig work

For many, first season from 2011 provides historical glimpse into Old Portland

Fred and Carrie at least an upgrade from Ralph and Alice

Somehow showcases more local freaks than Grimm

Reveals the oft-overlooked lighthearted side of gentrification

Offers white Portlanders chance to feel stereotyped

Gives the world the impression that Portland has sense of humor about itself

Mild laughter is the best medicine

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Click for the Downside >>
Pomo 0217 shakedown portlandia fred and carrie qq1rh4


Colin the Chicken spinoff not happening

Mayor Kyle McLachlan failed to find workable homelessness solution

Birds no longer naturally hilarious

Leaving rich vein of comedy in Metro land use policy untapped

Where can the world see sex god Jeff Goldblum after it ends?

We love you, but we think we should start seeing other shows

Whole series heading for a giant, unresolved cliffhanger on future of city of worlds

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Photo courtesy IFC, digitally altered by Portland Monthly.

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