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A Tegan and Sara Walking Tour of Portland

These tracks from the The Con will help you navigate the city in advance of their sold-out Revolution Hall show.

By Eleanor Van Buren October 25, 2017

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Tegan and Sara play a sold-out show at Revolution Hall this Thursday.

Where were you the first time you heard a Tegan and Sara song? A coffee shop, a record store, driving west on Southeast Powell? For me, it was the last, in December of 2012. The 2007 runaway single "Back In Your Head" played over my radio. I was 17, and I was hooked.

Little did I know that the Canadian duo recorded the album with producer Chris Walla from Death Cab for Cutie, right here in Portland, mere miles from where I first heard them on KNRK. The mutual love between the band and its local fan base is a clue as to why Portlanders have the pulse on their shows (heads up: Thursday’s Revolution Hall show has been sold out forever), and their Portland connections, it turns out, run pretty deep. Earlier this month, local tomboy fashion line Wildfang collaborated with the indie pop twins for its “The Future is Fluid” collection.

The aforementioned sold-out show is "The Con X," a revival tour of their beloved decade-old album. In honor of this historic night—and as small consolation for failing to nab tickets in time—here are five tracks to score a walking tour of our city.

 1. “I Was Married” – Begin your day at Off The Wall Magnetics on Southeast Main Street and feel “the pull of one magnet to another magnet.” Get it? OK, now cross the Hawthorne Bridge and head to Luc Lac.

2. “Are You Ten Years Ago?” – Order a Ca Phe Cola or an iced Vietnamese coffee as you wait for your friend/lover at Luc Lac Kitchen. Stir your ice so it’s “doing circles” with your straw. If they show, they show. Sit there and feel the buzz around you as something catches your ear…

 3. Call It Off” – Ah, the familiar plucking of the (heart)strings. The album closer is a coffeehouse classic, cycled through the speakers of countless playlists. You jitter and “start to wonder if this was the thing to do.”

WWTnSD? Leave sans friend/lover and head north.

4. “The Con” – Arrive at the doors of the Crystal Ballroom, the venue where Tegan and Sara jammed on the original "The Con" tour in December 2007. Break down. Cry in front of the stage. Prostrate yourself to make your gratitude felt. Mutter under your breath, “I’m home now, I’m coming around.”

Start to plan your trip back to the east side. You take a few steps down West Burnside, feeling the caffeine in your legs still. It’s OK if you’re overcome with emotion. Take the bus.

5. “Nineteen” – Catch the 19 at NW 5th and Burnside. Now you’re “saying bye, bye, bye” to the west side. Cheers, you were (on the) 19.

Feel free to do this loop in any order. At the end of the day, all roads lead to The Con

Tegan and Sara

9 p.m. Thu, Revolution Hall, SOLD OUT 

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