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The Fabulous Fashion of Winona Ryder (and a Guy with Scissors for Hands!)

The Hollywood Theatre's Fashion in Film series celebrates all the '90s vibes and kooky hair.

By Eden Dawn November 28, 2017

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As Hollywood Theatre’s Fashion in Film series wraps up its third year, we’re taking our last show of 2017 to throw Winona Ryder up on the screen. Again. It’s not our fault she’s fabulous. (Full disclosure: I curate the series along with fellow fashion writer Marjorie Skinner.)

But this Ryder isn’t your angsty Lydia Deetz or Lelaina Pierce. Instead, it’s a mythical blonde in peak Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands. The 1990 film tells the tale of sad, sweet, bescissored Johnny Depp (Edward) trying to assimilate into unscissored suburban life. But a ‘roided-out Jim (played by Anthony Michael Hall) doesn’t appreciate Edward hanging around his girl (blonde Winona).

It’s a tale as old as time, except the nice boy has scissors for hands. One thing is for sure: this beautiful film plays with darkness and light, and the costumes, sets, and infamous hairstyles all deserve another watch. Portland’s own Windowwall Salon will be on hand to give a surprise display of hair greatness—better see it for yourself. 

Fashion in Film: Edward Scissorhands

7 p.m. Mon, Dec 4, Hollywood Theatre, $7

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