Sleater-Kinney Drops New St. Vincent–Produced Single

"Hurry On Home" is fierce and danceable, with a cheeky lyric video directed by Miranda July.

By Rebecca Jacobson May 30, 2019

Sleater-Kinney is back.

It was an Instagram post of epic proportions: in January of this year, Sleater-Kinney ran a photo of themselves in the studio, huddled around a sunglasses-wearing, no-shit-taking Annie Clark (a.k.a. St. Vincent). It was their no-frills, shriek-inducing announcement that a new album, produced by Clark, was on the way in 2019.

On Wednesday, May 29, another jolt arrived, in the form of "Hurry On Home, the first Clark-produced single by the Olympia-born trio. It's fierce and danceable, with blistering guitar from Corin Tucker, huge drums from Janet Weiss, and Carrie Brownstein proclaiming herself "dress down-able / Uptown-able / Hair grab-able / Grand-slammable." (And, later, "unfuckable / Unloveable / Unlistenable/ Unwatchable.")

So when does the album drop? That's unclear, but there have been unconfirmed reports that it'll be titled The Center Won't Hold (a reference to the famous W. B. Yeats poem, it'd seem, and, according to Brownstein—on a page that was promptly scrubbed from record label Mom + Pop's website—a reference to the 2016 election).

All that uncertainty aside, the group also announced a whole slew of fall tour dates, including a November 19 stop at the Crystal Ballroom. And back to that excellent single: it's got delightfully weird art (behold, shiny black trench coats and a backwards-facing bare butt!), and a cheeky lyric video directed by onetime Portlander Miranda July. The video, like the album art, also features butts, plus text messages, tarot cards, and the I Ching (and wow: July, who makes an appearance in the video, is a ringer for Clark). Watch it here:

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