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What's the Deal with Star Wars?

Weesa sizin’ up the sci fi franchise that drops a new movie on December 20.

By Marty Patail November 26, 2019


A true creative passion project from financial analysts in a Disney boardroom

At least two of the 10 movies so far are good

Definitely not manipulative for Obi-Wan to keep Luke’s dad’s identity a secret

Cooler title than Strategic Defense Initiative

Scheduled 2026 untitled Star Wars film will make it all worth it, we hear

Merchandising, merchandising, merchandising

The many Twitter accounts of Adam Driver’s nipples

The pod race was actually pretty cool


Force never used for anything practical

New trilogy ruining George Lucas’s vision of nonsensical soap opera in space

That whole part with Leia as Jabba’s sex slave

Ewan McGregor’s goddamn rat tail

Never fully explored Sebulba’s tragic backstory

Reylo not as fun to say as Brangelina

Actor who played Jar Jar actually a really great guy

Constant reminder Carrie Fisher is no longer with us

Best memes mostly from prequels

Too few Gungans

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